How to Order - Step by Step Guide

Hey there, we're thrilled you're considering shopping with us! Our aim is to offer you the best shopping experience possible - one that's safe, speedy, effortless, and enjoyable. To assist you in this journey, we've crafted a guide to lead you through the purchase process at our store.

Here is the interface of our store as you've just accessed it. We've split it into 2 cases, including the mobile and desktop interfaces for your convenience. Depending on the Theme version or season, there may be some differences from reality. However, this will be the start of your adventure.

If you've signed up with us, just tap the ☰ icon at the top left corner on your phone or the "Sign In" Menu on your desktop to log in. Don't have an account yet? No worries, you can easily create one. Having an account with us lets you sync and track your orders in the future. Of course, you can still make purchases as a guest. All order details will be sent to your email when you check out.

Step 1 - Choose the product you love

Feel free to browse our store and click on the products you love to check out their details. Pick the perfect variants, sizes, and more that suit you best, then simply hit the lovely "ADD TO CART" button to add them to your shopping cart! 

Step 2 - Your "Shopping Cart"

Once you add any items to your cart, the Cart Drawer will pop up. Here, you can keep track of the amazing items you want to purchase, along with the attractive promotions we currently offer.

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  • Orders over 80$ get FREE SHIPPING 🚚
  • Orders over 100$ receive a first FREE GIFT 🎁
  • Orders over 150$ unlock an extra SUPER GIFT🎉

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Once you've got all your favorite items in your cart (plus our free gifts automatically added if you reach specific goals), feel free to hit the "CHECKOUT" button to proceed to the fastest payment step possible.

Step 3 – Checkout details

Once you reach the Checkout page, you'll come across sections where you need to provide the required information accurately, such as:

Contact section

Please provide your email address so we can send you order confirmation and shipping updates. You can also check the box "Email me with news and offers" to join our VIP email list for exclusive deals and the latest member news (we hate spam and won't send you any, just useful info, don't miss out, you won't regret joining).

Delivery section

Please provide your delivery address and recipient's name. Kindly ensure this information is accurate to facilitate successful delivery of your order. Note: The delivery information cannot be changed once the package has been shipped, so if you need to make any changes, please contact us as soon as possible after purchase.

You can also click on "Save this information for next time" to keep this delivery info for future orders and "Text me news and offers" to join our VIP SMS list if you'd like.

Please continue scrolling down to verify and ensure all information is filled in completely and accurately.

If you're enjoying your shopping experience and feel like treating us to a coffee, the "Add tip" section is where you can do just that. Your kindness would mean the world to us! 😘😘😘

After double-checking that all the information is correct, go ahead and click on the blue "Pay with PayPal" button (or the yellow PayPal Express Checkout button at the top of the page). You'll then be smoothly redirected to the PayPal paygate to securely complete your purchase.

Note: Don't forget to apply any valid discount codes or gift cards you have when checking out!

Step 4 – Complete your purchase

In the next window, if you have a Paypal account and would like to pay with your balance, just enter your Paypal email and click "Next" to log in and continue with your payment.

Don't have a Paypal account? No worries! You can pay with a Debit or Credit Card by simply clicking "Pay with Debit or Credit Card".

When making a payment with a guest account, please provide your email address to receive order updates. Then, just click on "Continue to Payment" button to proceed.

Please note: The window below will appear if the email address you just entered matches the one registered with your PayPal account. If you wish to proceed as a guest, you can skip the "Login" button and click on "Continue as a guest" instead.

Enter your Debit or Credit card details and make sure you have sufficient balance to complete the order.

Once all information is accurate, click on the "Continue" button to complete your order. 

We will send you a confirmation email with your order details and a receipt once you complete your purchase. If you don't see our email, kindly check your junk/spam folder and give it a whitelist so you don't miss out on our future updates.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please feel free to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for understanding and we greatly appreciate it.