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Top 5 Simple Goth Style Decor Ideas

by Wonder Skull 16 Jun 2022

Goth Style comes in many different forms, from the elaborate Victorian-era through today’s darker punk-inspired pieces. It is a culture that consists of various elements that are often misinterpreted, but are mainly defined by the dominant use of black in color palettes and the addition of feathers, animal bones, lace, and skulls.

Discover the origins of Gothic design and then bring some history into your home with this dramatic style that’s rich in texture and history. If you’re decorating an ornate heritage home or a modern condo in the city, there’s never been an easier way to achieve those enviable Gothic style details.

Gothic style is no longer limited to the home of a rebel or a loner. Even people who thrive on routine, structure, and order enjoy the spooky and strange; it’s the perfect way to add some flair to your space. If you’re ready to bring more dark hues into your life, here are Top 5 simple Goth Style decor ideas for your home.

Black Decorative Accents

Black Decorative Accents

Most people who are “Goths” wear a lot of black and have black colored accessories. But you don’t need to re-carpet your home and go with a black or very dark carpet. You could simply add to the look with a black area rug or other decorative accents – such as candles or statues – in an existing room. This can create a very nice effect in your home without buying expensive items!

Candles for your Mood

Candles for your Mood

A great way to add texture to a space is by mixing and matching both candle jars and candlesticks. The added variety gives a room dimension, while softening the angular lines of architecture.

Walk into any Gothic home and you will notice the abundance of candles scattered around. While many people opt for candle holders like candlesticks or candelabras, you can also mix and match a variety to add more visual interest to the space.

A Black Chandelier in Goth Style Room

A Black Chandelier in Goth Style Room

Candlelight is a great way to set the mood—but when you want to add Gothic opulence, a chandelier is the top option. If you’re working with smaller rooms or homes, or if you have higher ceilings, you don’t have to go for a grand chandelier, even the smallest light fixture with sparkling crystals will do.

Dried flowers and Foliage

Dried flowers and Foliage

If you want to bring Goth style home, make sure to stock your house with lots of dried greenery and floral arrangements. However, you can bring both darkness and lightness into your space through contrasting these ornate blooms against modern or sleek pieces like bold black furniture and a geometric cocktail table.

An eclectic mix of branches and dried flowers will create an inviting and cozy environment that is a gorgeous addition to any space.

Goth Style Kitchen Ceiling Tiles

Goth Style Kitchen Ceiling Tiles

A tin ceiling is a great option for bringing new style to your living space. Everyone loves goth style decor, but it’s not always practical. So if you like the look of a high peaked ceiling, consider using old fashioned tin tiles to give your room an instant fix. The ceiling tiles are much easier to install than beams, and they’re available in designer colors…

One of our favorite ways to bring new life and old-world personality to a space is by adding a ceiling treatment. The addition of a tin ceiling tile not only opens up the room, but it also functions as a natural light shade and architectural element in one. We recommend antique-inspired sized tin tiles in brass or silver for a Goth Style feel.

If you love the idea of a gothic design, but just not quite ready for the full-on bones & skulls of that particular look, then tin ceiling tiles are a nice way to test.

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